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The Data-Shack has got your back when it comes to the number crunch and data analytics training. As advanced analytics, big data and the Internet of things are becoming the largest new tech trends in the industry, investing in the right technology and software is essential. Find out more by getting in touch.

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“The direct link to our PI System was desirable. It’s a major advantage to browse and import data from the PI System into Statistica to streamline both simple and multivariate process monitoring.”

Asset Performance and Benchmarking Engineer

“Previously, we did all of our analytical work based on ‘gut instinct’ and individual experience. Statistica now allows EOS to automate analytics and transform our processes — and these changes are now mission-critical within our business.”

Ivan Fibír, Call Center Manager for EOS KSI

“With the expanded knowledge of production dynamics that Statistica provides, we’ve improved total aluminium production while reducing time spent analysing key performance indicators.”

Process Control Engineer at a large aluminium manufacturing company

“We have reduced the time we spend on models up to 50 percent with Statistica. Our Development process is much leaner and smoother compared to what it was before.”

Jens Christian Ipsen, First Vice President, Danske Bank

“Statistica’s ability to help us improve the quality of our product by decreasing the variability of everything we produce has been huge.”

Corwin Maxson, Manufacturing Quality Engineer at FLIR

“With Statistica’s clear graphical representations, accurate scaling and simple integration with familiar Microsoft Office tools, there is nothing to keep us from understanding the stories our data is telling.”

Director of Nursing at a top-ranking research institution in Europe

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