Want to learn about Analytics and how to apply it? We have CLASSROOMS in our House. Whether you need training wheels for this stuff, have to dust some cobwebs from education years ago, or just need to sharpen your Ninja skills with the latest tech available. We can help you get from the ground floor to the penthouse. We can also offer tailored workshops, with your data, your needs and host it in our house or yours. What will we be feeding your brain in the Classroom?​

Training Courses

Workshop 1:

Introductory Analytics​

For those with training wheels or cobwebs, this 2-Day Course introduces the Basic Concepts in Analytics and lays the foundation for the Intermediate and Advanced Courses

Workshop 2:

Intermediate Analytics​

In this course, we remove the training wheels and start getting to grips with understanding fundamental relationships in our data and start gaining a good grasp on turning data into actionable information​

Workshop 3:

Advanced Analytics​

This course takes us off our training bikes and into full Ninja gear. Attendees learn how to use the more Advanced Analytical techniques to make their data true business assets​

Workshop 4:

Industrial Analytics​

For those Ninja’s doing the heavy data lifting in the Mining & Manufacturing industries. This course teaches the latest Industrial Analytics techniques to make your business run like a well-oiled machine​

Workshop 5:

Big Data Analytics – Got Big Data?

We have just the tools for the job. Our course teaches not only the latest techniques, but also fundamentals, methodology and industry knowledge to take the challenges of Big Data head on​

Workshop 6:

Enterprise Analytics​

Just like us humans, data & analytics needs a home and platform to work successfully anywhere it lives in our businesses. This course teaches usage of market leading tools, best practices and implementation strategies to make your Analytics home safe, sound and efficient​

Training Schedules

2019  Days Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Workshop 1: Introductory Analytics 2 5-6 9-10
Workshop 2: Intermediate Analytics 2 26-27 30-31
Workshop 3: Advanced Analytics 2 9-10 20-21
Workshop 4: Industrial Analytics 2 7-8 3-4
Workshop 5: Big Data Analytics 3 28-30 1-3
Workshop 6: Enterprise 3 25-27 29-31

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