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Are you spending way too much time connecting boxes with arrows instead of taking action on insights from historical and streaming data? Or are you constantly moving between your data preparation tool and your visualization tool to get your data model right?

With Spotfire X, you can prepare data — or wrangle it as we like to call it — inline with your visualizations, removing the need to switch between tools. Now, you can ensure that your wrangling is correct by visualizing the results as you go.

Spotfire also automatically creates boxes and arrows on your data canvas that correspond to each wrangling step you take, and they are automatically drawn for you based on the inline wrangling tools you have already used. The result is an auditable, documented workflow that can be recalled and reused based on data preparation steps that you or your colleagues define.

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With Spotfire X, you can visually find and fix data issues, transform and merge values, and mashup data from multiple sources. You can even let Spotfire’s turbocharged Recommendations Engine mashup the data for you.

When you are ready to share your results you can do so with confidence. Spotfire is designed to support the world’s largest organizations serving hundreds of thousands of users daily with market-leading automation and scalability.

To learn more about how you can visualize your data with Spotfire X, watch the webinar, Simplifying Your Data Experience with Spotfire X, and try Spotfire X for free with a 30-day trial.