Mining And Manufacturing

Our Offerings include

  • QUALITY CONTROL – Quality and consistency of products through dashboards
  • CONTINUOUS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT –¬†Monitoring and Optimizing Process Behaviour Continuously to work to World Class Products
  • PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE – repairs and maintenance tasks are prioritised based on real-time probabilities of failure (for instance machine failure)
  • PREDICTIVE QUALITY CONTROL – what is happening right now in my process vs what will happen
  • PRESCRIPTIVE ANALYTICS – next best action prediction
  • DEMAND FORECASTING – Overestimated demand leaves the supplier with a surplus that can be a financial drain; underestimated demand means missed sales opportunities
  • STABILITY AND SHELF LIFE ANALYSIS – That products retain the same properties and characteristics that it possessed at the time of packaging
  • SECURITY, RISK AND INTELLIGENCE ANALYSIS – Protect your high-value products and commodities with advanced analytics algorithms

Our Markets

  • Food, pet food & beverage
  • Paper, plastic, cans & packaging
  • Tobacco
  • Mining
  • Steel & industrial equipment
  • Automotive
  • Security, risk and intelligence
  • Glass

Training & Consulting

Find Analytics a little SCARY?

WE HAVE EXPERTS IN OUR HOUSE and offer custom Consulting and Training packages
We have years of Experience in Analytics in this industry.
Whether you need us to solve a short-term challenge, help from a distance, or move right in – we can tailor a package to bring our skills to your home.

For general Analytics Training, please see info & dates on our Training page.