Our Offerings include

  • CUSTOMER INSIGHT/BEHAVIOUR: customer profiles/cross-selling and up-selling/optimal inventory and packaging, and effective marketing campaigns.
  • CUSTOMER RETENTION: How do I keep my current customers?/How do I acquire new customers?
  • MARKET BASKET ANALYSIS: understanding relationships/strength of – and using it to make recommendations, cross-sell, up-sell.
  • PRICE OPTIMIZATION: Automation of sales strategies to improve timely responses to customers
  • REVENUE OPTIMIZATION: A solution to analyze different scenarios, incorporate price elasticity curves, build demand forecasts, consider commodities, and use all relevant external indicators such as seasonality and special days, local economy health, consumer confidence, and, in some cases, even weather.
  • SENTIMENT ANALYSIS: Understand customer sentiment through social media, customer surveys, and text messages​
  • TELECOMMUNICATIONS: forecast demand, and improve customer relationships and loyalty​

Our Markets

  • Telecommunications
  • Research & Consulting Industry
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Marketing

Training & Consulting

Find Analytics a little SCARY?

WE HAVE EXPERTS IN OUR HOUSE and offer custom Consulting and Training packages
We have years of Experience in Analytics in this industry.
Whether you need us to solve a short-term challenge, help from a distance, or move right in – we can tailor a package to bring our skills to your home.

For general Analytics Training, please see info & dates on our Training page.