As many large and small businesses mature in their use of data science and analytics, at the Data-Shack we make it our business to make it work in yours.

Whether you’re just starting out and need advice, mature but struggling to make it profitable and efficient, or are doing so well you need some extra temporary hands or training for new team members, join us for this live hands-on session.
While we would have loved inviting you to our home for a chat and a handshake, in this difficult time, technology is on our side. Grab your drink and join us in the comfort of your office or home to learn industry best practices on creating a well-functioning competency centre for data science and analytics.
Join us on Thursday 23rd April to learn:
  • What needs to be in a good data science competency centre?
  • Industry trends and best practices
  • Customer use cases


The TIBCO & Data-Shack Team