Change is everywhere in the energy industry today. You can see it in:

  • The ways that energy consumers fuel their vehicles heat their homes, and power their industries, all becoming less reliant on hydrocarbons.
  • Well-deployed but inefficient technologies, such as internal combustion engine cars and oil/gas boilers, are being replaced with electrified and higher-efficiency alternatives.
  • And renewables, such as sunlight, wind, thermal, and others, supported by next-generation battery storage, are fueling an ever-greater share of energy demand.

For energy firms, the speed and magnitude of these industry transitions, and the innovations that fuel them are impacting every aspect of their businesses. It is all hands on deck as they transform in response.

Fortunately, information technology is enabling the kinds of digital transformations energy firms need to keep pace with these trends.  And TIBCO has proven to be an excellent partner in helping with their digital transformation journeys with an unprecedented combination of technology known as TIBCO Connected Intelligence that supports:

  • Access to any data, anywhere in real time. This data might come from a firm’s
    own systems and devices, partner systems, external APIs, or SaaS solutions, and of course from customers. This data is made available across the organization to fuel services and processes and to augment intelligence.
  • Understanding this data and improved understanding of its context by combining datasets, data science, and operational perspectives. Energy firms learn to quickly identify threats or opportunities while refining predictions of outcomes, and finally, make recommendations on the best action for your business to take.
  • Delivery of insights let firms act on intelligence while the opportunity exists. Actions will be applied automatically via a device or an application to improve operations on the fly. Or these actions will be suggested to individuals via dashboards in applications or visual analysis.

Transformational Outcomes

Optimized operations, compelling customer experiences, and greater innovation are the proven transformational outcomes that result when energy firms use the TIBCO® Connected Intelligence Cloud.  For example:

  • Toward optimized operations, Anadarko, one of the world’s largest independent oil and natural gas exploration and production companies, relies on TIBCO® Streaming analytics to produce operating cost advantages via real-time analytics that provide instant answers on the fly.
  • To deliver a more compelling customer experience, Essent, a software and services provider for process-intensive industries such as energy, leverages TIBCO integration and TIBCO® Messaging products to achieve faster customer response and improve customer self-service.
  • Fostering innovation, R Lacy, an independent oil and gas exploration and production company, used a novel combination of TIBCO mapping, decline curve analysis, and data analytics in its acquisition selection process resulting in higher returns on exploration investments.

Learn More

To learn more about how other energy firms are using TIBCO to fuel similar transformations, “Powering Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector”.