Health Care

Our Offerings include

  • FRAUD DETECTION (Medical Insurance Fraud): Control cost/prevent losses, Abuse of terminally ill, nursing home abuse, Medicare fraud and illegal online pharmacies​
  • SIX SIGMA emphasis on measurement and analysis requires a full-featured statistical analysis software system​
  • EFFECTIVE PATIENT MANAGEMENT & SAFETY provides a configurable platform for merging all data together, creating meaningful audit and legislation compliant reports,automating quality control with dashboard applications, and setting up proactive alarming systems to notify on dangerous trends
  • RISK MITIGATION: Predictive Modeling Technology using version control and audit logs to leverages data to guide better treatment strategies & predict risk such as hospital readmission risk.​

Our Markets

  • Hospital Systems​
  • University Hospitals​
  • Research Centers
  • Healthcare Insurance Providers

Training & Consulting

Find Analytics a little SCARY?

WE HAVE EXPERTS IN OUR HOUSE and offer custom Consulting and Training packages
We have years of Experience in Analytics in this industry.
Whether you need us to solve a short-term challenge, help from a distance, or move right in – we can tailor a package to bring our skills to your home.

For general Analytics Training, please see info & dates on our Training page.