Our Starter Pack is designed to get you hooked up as quickly as possible and ready to delve into your Analytics journey. The team at the Data Shack will help make this quick and easy.
Let us help get you going in no time. Our team will get all the Basics in place: Installing, Configuring, Setting up some first Analyses and Reports, and supply some Quick Setup Training tailored to your needs to ensure you can get working immediately.

What does the Pack Include?
1) Installation of Statistica Server components and up to 5 desktop licenses
2) Setting Up Users/Groups/Permissions/Admin
3) Setting Up Data Connections & Basic Queries to a single data source.
4) Development of Basic Sample Analysis & Reporting
5) Training:
2 hrs Training for Data Analysts
2 hrs overview of the Admin
This pack covers a 40 Hour Engagement with your Team.

How to get Started
Speak to your Data Shack Customer Representative to get the following in place:
Your Software Keys are Ordered and Delivered
Your Service Pack is Ordered and Booked with our Tech Team
Your IT Department is Around to Assist our Team with necessary Access for Installs
You have provided the Data Shack Team with your details and requirements for points 2,3, 4 above
We ensure your team are ready to start working on Statistica immediately and are not bogged down with getting all the above in place. We offer a full range of additional Set-Up Packages; Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Maintenance Packs and Training from the Very Basics to Advanced Big Data Analytics (https://www.data-shack.co.za/training/).