Four Steps Forward into the Future of Augmented Analytics: Recapping Spotfire 10.3

Building upon the momentum of the augmented analytics capabilities introduced last fall in TIBCO Spotfire® X, early user feedback proved essential for prioritizing several overall usability improvements in the latest Spotfire® 10.3 release. Below are the top new adds and feature enhancements—some automagical, some powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

AI-Powered GeoAnalytics

Spotfire®’s Recommendations engine now visualizes auto-detected relationships between selected columns and latitude or longitude more clearly, displaying them in maps. In what was already a revolutionary step towards AI-driven discovery with the augmented analytics capabilities in Spotfire® X, Recommendations previously detected potential relationships between other properties in the dataset (e.g. longitude and traffic), suggesting a scatter plot to illustrate insights found. In 10.3, Spotfire® now also adds latitude along with longitude to such a recommendation as it’s typically more insightful for display on maps. Additionally, over 4,000 new GeoCoding boundaries are now available in maps.

Geoanalytics capabilities in Spotfire® 10.3 dashboards

Added Data Connectivity for Snowflake and More

Spotfire® 10.3 announced support of a native data connector for Snowflake, a cloud-hosted data warehouse with growing traction and market share. A flexible alternative to both traditional on-premise solutions as well as today’s major cloud players, Snowflake’s modern and scalable elastic cloud provides computing power on-demand: AI and machine learning workloads plus ad-hoc visual data discovery for live querying and on-demand retrieval—all within Spotfire.

Other new data connectivity introduced in Spotfire® 10.3 includes native support for MongoDB, MemSQL, MariaDB, and TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps. The latter does require a TIBCO Cloud account along with access to a Live Apps subscription though.

Building a Better User Experience    

Building upon the core Natural Language Query capabilities of Spotfire® X, early feedback from users was key for prioritizing other contextual in-product guidance, including library browsing enhancements and general wayfinding. New sorting functionality along with hover interactions make for effortless locating of descriptions and shorten the road to insight.

Hover interactions within Spotfire® 10.3 dashboard

Simplified Data Wrangling

Front and center in Spotfire® X, data wrangling capabilities are accentuated with the latest functionality introduced in version 10.3. It’s now possible to edit or remove top-level columns or custom hierarchies directly from the data canvas, these most recent enhancements to data cleansing workflows eliminate the need to hammer out formatting in another tool outside of Spotfire®.

For a complete rundown of Spotfire® 10.3, visit our “What’s New” page. To see it in action, try Spotfire today by downloading the full Analyst client for free.