Our Offerings include

  • CHURN: Primary: Primary goal of churn analysis is to identify those customers preemptively to improve loyalty and retain their revenue
  • CREDIT SCORING & SCORECARDS: Determine a customer’s credit- worthiness
  • CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION: Uncover hidden trends and explin the patterns that affec every aspect of their overall success
  • FRAUD DETECTION: Prevent losses proactively
  • RISK MANAGEMENT: Credit limit decisions & predictive risk modelling techniques

Our Markets

  • Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Short & Longer Term Insurance
  • Telco’s

Training & Consulting

Find Analytics a little SCARY?

WE HAVE EXPERTS IN OUR HOUSE and offer custom Consulting and Training packages
We have years of Experience in Analytics in this industry.
Whether you need us to solve a short-term challenge, help from a distance, or move right in – we can tailor a package to bring our skills to your home.

For general Analytics Training, please see info & dates on our Training page.