This year’s data visualization and analytics TrustRadius awards are in, and TIBCO Spotfire® has won in the Data Discovery and Visualization Category! It’s shaping up to be another great year for TIBCO Spotfire with recognition of its expanded capabilities around artificial intelligence and machine learning and commended user experience by customers.

The Top Rated Awards recognize the best products based on user reviews and ratings. Top Rated awards are earned and backed by the voice of customers. The market views Top Rated as the most trusted awards and an indication of industry leadership based on categories that users really care about.

Why Spotfire?

The growth of data today is staggering. As noted in a recent Forbes article, it’s estimated that there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day. To act on this data, it’s critical that organizations enable intuitive data discovery and powerful data visualizations. Top-rated TIBCO Spotfire® is purpose-built to turn data into insights quickly and enable everyone in your organization to take faster, smarter actions. Whether citizen data scientists or business users, Spotfire® empowers everyone in your organization to quickly analyze and uncover insights in the data—without needing technical expertise.

Exploratory visualizations with TIBCO Spotfire® 

TIBCO Spotfire®  provides AI-enabled predictive analytics and includes data wrangling, location analytics, and real-time streaming analytics capabilities, making it the most complete analytics solution in the market. With Spotfire®, data analysts and business users can make sense of large volumes of data, improve decision making, and act on insights in real time.

Want to learn more? Check out our reviews. You need happy customers to earn a Top Rated designation, and no surprise they are saying great things about Spotfire® on TrustRadius! Here are just a few:

“Spotfire® handles large amounts of data very easily, and allows me to manipulate the data in all sorts of ways.” – Engineer, Oil & Energy Company; TrustRadius 2019

“Excellent data visualization and discovery features that make deriving information from data so much easier.” – Engineer, Information Technology and Services Company; TrustRadius 2018 

“You can get to a dashboard of your key metrics extremely fast and in a visually pleasing way.” – Manager, Retail Company; TrustRadius 2019

“We have 100% usage across the entire company. From analysts using the software for data analysis to business managers using the software for ad-hoc reporting. Spotfire® allows for commonplace requests to be fulfilled by the software—not having to resort to analysts for simple reporting” – Marketing Analyst, Consumer Goods Company; TrustRadius 2018

But don’t just take their word for it, find out for yourself what TIBCO Spotfire® can do for you. Start your 30-day free trial today and see why Spotfire was recognized by TrustRadius as a Top Rated Data Discovery and Visualization platform.