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Analytics Software


Ideally used by researchers, data scientists and business analysts.

Built-in Smarts

  • Drag and drop workflow interface to deliver analytic results
  • Wizard and guided analytics available

Simplified Data Preparation and Aggregation

  • Automatic health check, mashup and aggregation

App Marketplace Integration

  • Apervita
  • Algorithmia

Third Party Integration

  • Microsoft AzureML
  • Open Source (R, Python)

Expert Manufacturing

Ideally used by operators, engineers and scientists.

A bundle built in conjunction with some of the world’s largest and most specialised manufacturers. IT is built for those who rely on manufacturing analytics for:

  • Root cause analysis
  • Quality control
  • Process optimisation
  • Compliancy

Some of the built-in features include:

  • Validated analytics and reporting for regulated manufacturing
  • Design of experiments
  • OSI PI connector
  • Validated data entry

It is used by seven of the top ten pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, and is offered on a desktop or server.

Expert Data Science

Ideally used for data prep, health-checks, machine learning and data mining, and python and R scripting.

Experts can build complex analytic models and workflows, thereafter non-technical business analysts can reuse the templates across the organisation/company. Embrace the app marketplace for models, and import models from Algorithmia, Azure ML, Expert Models and others.

Enterprise Bundle

Ideal for embedding analytics everywhere.

More people are empowered with multi-site deployments, reusable workflow templates, and Edge Analytics to push your math onto any device.

  • Embed analytic and data prep workflows
  • Deploy and monitor models at the point of impact
  • Create workflows that can be reused throughout the organisation
  • Leverage the global analytics talent pool by connecting to app marketplaces

Share and deploy your math to core business processes easily with Enterprise Bundle.

Powerful Predictions

Our software keeps you one step ahead, and it can be used to do the following:

Predicts Churn

Calculates Risk

Optimises Processes

Detects Fraud

Forecasts Sales

Preventative Maintenance

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