About Us

What do we do at the Shack?

As Advanced Analytics, Big Data and Internet of Things are becoming the largest new Tech trends in the industry, for us, it sounds a new era of investment and growth in our technologies from large Tech investors. A new and exciting era indeed, for tools and technologies we have years of experience, customers and track record on.​

We specialise in Enterprise-wide Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Six-Sigma, Data mining, Quality Control, Data Analysis & Web-based analytics software systems & related services. For these products, we take care of local sales, customisation and consulting, training & technical support services for the Africa-Middle-East Region and expanded territories in 2017 to the Asia-Pacific Region with new Business Operations and Contracts based from Hong Kong.​

We have been representing Advanced Analytics products since the late 1990s and they represent the largest advanced analytics software platforms available worldwide, being classed Leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics.​

Smart businesses count on us to transform their ability to do the following:​

​- Optimal Immediate Action through Analytically fueled decisions ​

– Innovation through solving complex problems faster​

– Infusing Algorithms Everywhere​

– Quick return from Insights to Optimal outcomes ​

Our Mission

We are on a mission at the Shack!​

The Data-Shack is a leading provider of best-in-class analytical tools, professional training and consulting and technical support services, facilitating better decision making through appropriate knowledge. ​

Our Management Team

Anni Toner

Anni Toner

The Boss-Lady

Managing Director
Elize Perry

Elize Perry

The Go-To-Girl​

Business Development
Jason Whindus

Jason Whindus


Data & Infrastructure
Erna Matthee

Erna Matthee

The Number Cruncher​

Accounts & HR ​
Faizel Mohideen

Faizel Mohideen

The Fixer​

Software Development